The Pillar of Service - St. Vincent de Paul

In August of 1617, as Fr Vincent de Paul was preparing for Sunday Mass, a parishioner brought news of the illness and destitution of an entire family in the parish.  He preached on their need, and that afternoon the people responded in overwhelming numbers by carrying the family food and supplies.  Vincent then called a meeting of interested women, and urged them to put order into their generosity by taking turns.  With rules drawn up by Vincent, the women established a group which became the first Confraternity of Charity. (  St. Vincent de Paul’s path to becoming the patron saint of charities began when he recognized that the poor were not being evangelized or helped.  This led him to first minister to the spiritual lives of his fellow priests, instilling in them a deeper pastoral call to nurture the poor just as Jesus did.


We strive to be servant ministers to the need of our parish members, the wider community and Church. We strive to serve compassionately those who are hurting or in need, lost or alone, or suffering in any way. We give thanks to God for all the gifts we have received and we celebrate the special events in the lives of parishioners.