Resources for Prayer and Meditation

Prayer Personality and Other Resources

There are many different ways to pray. Some pray better with silence, while others pray with music and dancing. Some prefer to pray by reading inspiring works while others prefer contemplation, meditation, or Centering Prayer. As long as we're not injuring ourselves or injuring someone or something outside ourselves, there really is no wrong way to pray.

However, it might be helpful to investigate prayer resources that match our unique prayer personality or inventory. Take a moment to take the Prayer-Personality Inventory. More resources will be added as they become available. They are not meant to define how we pray -- they are simply offered as reference tools to help us make the most of our prayer time. 

Because we continually change and evolve as human beings, our concepts of God and faith also tend to grow and mature. So, it's worthwhile to revisit these tools from time to time.  May you be blessed in your prayer life and remember that you are always connected to the full family of faith in the love of God.