Parish Staff




Rev. Fr. Nicholas . Kastenholz Pastor Ext 242
Msgr. William McCumber Sr. Associate Pastor Ext. 226
Rev. Patrick Russell Associate Pastor .Ext 239
Richard Tadlock Deacon
Fred Volansky Deacon
Bill Walbridge Deacon
Jeannette Hamann Director of Stewardship & Liturgy 636-240-3721 Ext. 247
Cathy Pescarino Director of Creative Arts 636-240-3721 Ext. 222
Mark Sacco Coordinator of Music Ministry 636-240-3721 Ext. 326
Mark Vogt Parish Manager 636-240-3721 Ext. 225
Peggy Brewer Secretary/Bulletin Editor 636-240-3721 Ext. 221
Mary Knapp Bookkeeper 636-240-3721 Ext. 234
Angie Gloriod Baptisms/Weddings 636-240-3721 Ext. 235
Lynn Crews Child Safety Coordinator (Protecting God's Children) 636-240-3721 Ext. 325
Dr. Patricia Hensley Principal School Office 636-240-4474
Ann Marie Quan Director of Religious Education 636.240.1020
Denise Hoehne Sunday Preschool Coordinator 314-954-0092
Lisa Taylor Parish Council President
Dr. Tom Wagner Pastoral Counselor 314-503-8080
Missy Lowrey RCIA Coordinator 314-630-3983
Becky Whitaker Director of Youth Ministry