Parish History

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Parish History


A poetic recounting of our parish history

Composed in 2006 by parishioner, Phyllis Rahe

Assumption Parish - where Christ's love is known
From humble beginnings this parish has grown.
When 18 German families in 1869
Met and decided that they thought it was time

That in O'Fallon a school they would build
And they were convinced that it soon would be filled.
Then more families came from St. Peters and St. Paul
A new parish was planned that would serve them all.

Each family pledged to donate whatever they could-
Their time, money and talents for the common good.
Sixty five hundred dollars was the cost for the plan
With donations given for bricks, stone and land.

Work continued in earnest for more than two years
On the church and schoolhouse and it soon became clear
That working together they would accomplish this task
So in the fall of that year, God's blessings they'd ask.

It was in September, of the year 1871
That the church was completed-our new parish had begun.
A dedication was planned, our new pastor arrived-
A priest from All Saints, named Fr. Sonenschein.

From St. Charles and St. Louis, people traveled on trains
For that special occasion, many people came.
A dinner was served and musicians were hired
The people were grateful and so inspired.

It was just a week later that school did begin
With just 20 pupils that it did welcome in.
A teacher was hired and a decision was made
That twenty five dollars a month was what he'd be paid.

But then in the fall of 1873
The Most Precious Sisters, Father got to agree
To take over as teachers and to run the school
And for the next 120 years this was the rule.

Assumption continued to grow and to change
But over the years, one thing did remain-
The commitment to God, and to each others too
And a welcoming spirit that grew and grew.

About 3000 families are in our parish now
And we have a new church, of which we're so proud!
Fourteen pastors have all helped us to become
A place where we're striving to show Jesus' love.

Through times that were happy and times that were tough
They've helped us to learn that Christ's love is enough.
Finding Him in each other is what we should do
Be a blessing to others, and you'll be blessed too.

For here at Assumption we can truly say
That as we continue to gather and pray
We give thanks for the people in our parish's past
For sacrifices they made so Assumption would last.

We ask God for guidance as new goals we set
And we strive to make sure that all needs are met.
We pray that the future will bring all the best
With strength in our faith, we'll let God do the rest.

And for the next generation, we hope that they'll see
A parish that worked to be the best it could be!