Assumption Stewardship Commitment Forms

Our Parish Prayer 

Lord Jesus, You call us to follow You as disciples. Help us to respond wholeheartedly without counting the cost. We commit ourselves to being good stewards. Help us to be grateful, generous, and willing to give back with humble hearts and make stewardship a way of life. Through the intercession of Your mother Mary, grant us the grace to understand, and the challenges and opportunities we have been given to: 

 "Find Christ here... and bring Christ to the world!" 


Welcome to Stewardship 2020/2021! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2020/2021 Annual Renewal!!

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Not a program
Not a fundraising campaign
Not an empty buzzword

                                    ...A Way of Life!  

Stewardship is using our Time, Talent, and Treasure to build God's Kingdom. All three elements are equally important.

Stewardship entails a process of continually renewing and recommitting oneself to God. The practice of stewardship is: returning a portion of one’s time, talent and treasure back to God in gratitude for the gifts He has given us, assists us in living out the call of the New Evangelization -- which “invites each Catholic to renew their relationship with Jesus and His Church” (USCCB).

 Catholics from around the world, inspired by the spiritual rewards of stewardship, are growing in their faith and living it out more fully on a daily basis. Our parish community has adapted A Stewardship Way of Life. There are three phases of stewardship which are: Stewardship of Time, Stewardship of Talent, and Stewardship of Treasure.

Living a Stewardship Way of Life, requires us to put Jesus Christ first in our lives and to live every aspect for the glory of Him. It requires us to give of our Time, Talent and Treasure. Only giving one or two aspects makes us incomplete. It is only in giving of our entire self does one come to realize the graciousness and mercy of our Lord.

 We walk by faith as we share in Jesus’ vision. Stewardship is seeing things and living as Jesus intends. What you are is God’s gift to you… what you become is your gift to God! We are a vibrant parish, where believers are actively living as Disciples of Jesus Christ. So, let us honor Mary, and continue her mission in bringing Christ to the world, by living: A Stewardship Way of Life.

Stewardship is…

not a program . . . it is a way of life.
not an activity . . . it is the way we live our life every day.
not the latest fad . . . it is biblically based.
not a way to raise money . . . it is a way to attain holiness.                                                    
not just a decision of the head . . . it requires a conversion of the heart.
not an option . . . integral to our Catholic faith.
not another thing to do . . . why and how we do what we do.
not about our generosity . . . about our response to God’s generosity.
what you do after you say, “I believe”.


If you say you are a follower of Jesus, then you must be a steward of God's creation. That is the challenge presented in this pastoral letter from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. CLICK to DOWNLOAD the LETTER

The 4 Pillars of Stewardship:

HOSPITALITY We strive to extend a warm, hospitable and loving welcome to all who join us in worship, service, study, social, or in times of personal need. We assist our parish community in presenting a visible sign of Christ’s loving kindness in all we do.

PRAYER We grow as disciples who are committed to prayer—individual and communal prayer, public and private prayer. Through prayer we are invited to draw closer to Jesus and to imitate Him in our daily lives. While Eucharist is central to our spiritual life, other prayer opportunities are made available.

FORMATION We strive to educate, form and sustain the stewardship way of life for all ages through faith formation opportunities in the parish and school. We strive to be disciple stewards and give good example as we participate in parish life in ministries and on parish leadership teams. We are open to the continuous conversion to a life of stewardship – to sharing what one has with a loving, generous and grateful heart.

SERVICE We strive to be servant ministers to the need of our parish members, the wider community and Church. We strive to serve compassionately those who are hurting or in need, lost or alone, or suffering in any way. We give thanks to God for all the gifts we have received and we celebrate the special events in the lives of parishioners.