The Pillar of Formation - St. Monica

As we journey through life each of us has and will experience times of joy and at other times we will face great struggles. It is said that the difficult times we will experience will make us “bitter or better.”  With all of the difficulties St. Monica faced she could have easily become a complaining wife, a miserable daughter-in-law and a despairing parent.  But her perseverance as she prayed for her wayward son and difficult marriage/family are a witness to each of us.  Her faithfulness through patience and prayer are an example for each of us to never give up.  Her prayers were answered for her husband and mother-in-law to experience a conversion and after 17 long years her prayers were answered as her son not only converted, but became a bishop and is one of our greatest saints - St. Augustine.

Through the intercession of St. Monica we pray that the ministries of CRHP, RCIA, Evangelization and Ecumenical Ministries, and the events at our neighboring parishes will thrive as through Mary, we lead others closer to Christ.


We strive to educate, form and sustain the stewardship way of life for all ages through faith formation opportunities in the parish and school. We strive to be disciple stewards and give good example as we participate in parish life in ministries and on parish leadership teams. We are open to the continuous conversion to a life of stewardship – to sharing what one has with a loving, generous and grateful heart.