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Vision Planning 2025 - We Need YOUR Participation!

Posted on February 11, 2021 in: Parish Community Special Event

Vision Planning 2025 - We Need YOUR Participation!



Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Vision Planning 2025

Have you ever felt that you haven’t had a role to play in the direction of our beloved parish, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Well, the good news is that you now have a great opportunity to help craft the Strategic Vision of 2025 (Pastoral Plan).

Simply sign-up, stay home and crank up the Zoom on all four Vision Day evenings. We will cover the entire aspects of parish life through the four pillars:

  • Formation, (Education)
  • Service and Hospitality
  • Worship and Prayer
  •  Administration, Finance and Stewardship

Once you sign up, we will send you the links for the sessions and also information about the pillars so you can prepare to participate.

With parishioners identifying Assumption’s Strengths and Aspirations the Pastoral Plan will be crafted by your fellow parishioners with the spiritual guidance of Fr. Nick.

The Pastoral Planning Committee is comprised of the follow parishioners:

  • Shawn Gibbs
  • Gary Hinrichs
  • Mike Lennon
  • Danielle Lifritz
  • Mark Martin
  • Doug Price
  • Russ Schaller and
  • Fr. Nick

Each Vision Day session will be from 7 PM – 8:30 PM on the following dates:

Tuesday,         March 2           Formation, (Education)

Thursday,        March 4           Service and Hospitality

Tuesday          March 9           Worship and Prayer

Thursday         March 11         Administration, Finance and Stewardship

We are counting on you to help develop the Pastoral Plan for 2025. The viability and sustainability of Assumption can best be assured through your participation.

Please find information about what we will be covering at our first Visioning evening, Tuesday, March 2 on the Pillar Formation, (Education) at the bottom of this page.  

Go to Sign UP Genius HERE to let us know you will be there! Or, call the parish office: 636-240-3721

What is a Vision Day?

Vision Day is a guided process to develop a shared vision of the parish through small group interaction and discernment. Mr. Vince Estrada, a faithful parishioner of Incarnate Word Parish and a worldwide business, philanthropic and parish consultant, has offered his expertise to guide us through the process – free of charge. As a parish community, we'll spend time reflecting on each of the main areas of parish life: Formation, Service/ Hospitality, Worship/ Prayer and Administration/Finance/ Stewardship. This is a gathering for all parishioners to help develop the future goals and desires of our Assumption parish.

Who should attend?

All parishioners (age 18 or older) are welcome to join us.

Why should I participate?

 It's an opportunity to learn more about the parish, to meet more people and to add your thoughts about our strengths and opportunities. Your input will contribute to the future direction and help assure the development of a successful Pastoral Plan.

Sign up information coming soon

What if I'm new to the Parish, OR, don't feel knowledgeable about our Parish?

If you are a member of the parish – regardless of your tenure or involvement -- you are welcome and qualified! We encourage and welcome diverse perspectives, knowledge and experiences to this Vision Day.

What should I bring?

We invite you to bring an open mind and heart to listen & learn from others about this process and from parishioners who may express different ideas and perspectives.

Not comfortable with ZOOM?  If you wish to participate but have questions about or would like some assistance in participating in a ZOOM meeting please call or contact our parish office. 

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