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Stewardship Awareness

Posted on October 11, 2020 in: Parish Community Special Event

Stewardship Awareness

Stewardship Renewal

What a year this has been! None of us could have imagined how 2020 would play out. The global pandemic has affected every part of our lives. We quarantined in place, students and teachers had to learn how to do distance learning, and you watched Mass on your TV, tablet, or computer. Even with all of these challenges, our mission to help people find Christ here and bring Christ to the world continues – with even greater urgency and enthusiasm.

We strived to meet your spiritual needs and tried to help you grow in faith, even though we were apart. What we do know is that the Good News of the Gospel cannot be quarantined! It must be proclaimed and lived! Our priests have strived to learn how to be YouTube priests and offer Masses, reflections and teachings to help all of us grow. Our Parish Annual Report gave you a glimpse that our mission continues! Yes, our parish continues to grow, even in the midst of Covid-19!

Thank you for your steadfastness and your dedication in helping us. We have all struggled in these times, but we ask you to consider your support to our parish and our mission. How might Jesus be inviting you to give more time in prayer, more of yourself in service, and from your bounty – helping support the parish with your treasure?

Finally, this is truly a time for Renewal - for you and your family, and for our whole parish.  Please pray with your family and ask God to guide you, then fill out a Stewardship Commitment Card here or pick one up at the parish office. You will notice that in addition to our regular Time, Talent, and Treasure Commitment Form, we ask that you to prayerfully consider your Prayer Commitment. You can also fill out a Stewardship Commitment of Prayer & Faith online or pick one up in the parish office to read through and pray about.