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ACA Pledges

Posted on May 01, 2019

Annual Catholic Appeal 2019

The Catholic Church is singularly poised to make an impact on the welfare of society.
Every year, the ACA supports scores of ministries, outreach opportunities, and educational 
experiences. These help all people to break down the walls of injustice, prejudice, economic
disparity, violence, and isolation -- and empower us to build God's Kingdom on earth.

The ACA is a tangible way for Catholics to say "Yes, I believe in Christ's mission of Love and
am choosing to be a part of bringing Christ to the world."

CLICK HERE to WATCH an inspiring video

Renewing an annual commitment to the Annual Catholic Appeal can be an important part of a declaration of faith. Through it, we become God's answer to the prayers of those around us... we become both blessed
and a blessing.

Thank you for taking the time to pray about your support of this year's ACA.
Pledge cards are available in the back of church.

May we celebrate the fruits of our pryerfulness and generosity in the reign of God's Love
being built around us!