Coming Up in Assumption Parish and around town...

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Bishop Robert Barron is the Founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and an author of numerous Church documents related to scripture and preaching. 

In these difficult days filled with news of atrocious abuse, scandalous coverups, and surreptitious divisions among Church leaders, Bishop Barron offers some empowering wods of encouragement, faith, and hope


Week 1 - Bishop Barron's Missionary Journey to England

Week 2 - Call & Response to the Mass

Week 3 - Bishop Barron's Missionary Journey to Scotland

Week 4 - On Religion and Happiness

Week 5 - Bishop Barron's Missionary Trip to Ireland

Week 6 - Bishop Barron's Message from Trim Castle

Week 7 - On the Gospel of the Family

Week 8 - Christ Calls You to Mission