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As of May 31, 2020, we will be live streaming on YouTube Live

We live stream our Sunday Mass, each week, at 10am

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Talks and Other Videos

Click the links provided to listen to Audio content from talks/workshops or to view video presentations on a variety of topics. 

Ever feel like life roars over the top of you, drowning you like a rush of white water rapids? Do you have people in your life who really test your patience or who seem to push you over the edge everytime you try to have a conversation? Dr. Tom provides a few strategies for dealing with and even overcoming the situations that too often disrupt our peace or steal our identity as beloved, capable children of God.

We don't have to be in a position of authority to lead, to bring our dreams into being. We have what it takes! Fr. Gary spends a little time telling us how to tap into the courage and strength we already have to create the life we want!

All the love of Assumption Parish sent to Fr. Joe for his 60th birthday, Oct. 20, 2013.