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What is Catholics Returning Home (CRH)?

There are many situations that draw us away or even push us away from Church and community. There are equally as many reasons that draw us back. Whether we’ve been away for a few days or a few years, Catholics Returning Home (CRH) has been created to help bridge the distance between being away and coming back.

CRH is a faith support group for those looking to reconnect or deepen their connection with the Catholic faith community. CRH does not promise any answers. Instead, it provides a relaxed, hopeful atmosphere for individuals to share their personal stories of faith, to ask questions about beliefs and practices, and to learn how to live their faith more fully. All are welcome here. As Catholics, we believe every person carries a glimpse of God, an essential piece of a vast divine puzzle. We are all equally worthy of the Love of God and the mission of the Church.

What can I Expect?

Assumption's CRH is flexible -- meant to meet individuals where they are in their faith journey and walk with them, supporting them in whatever ways that might be helpful as they reconnect with the Catholic Church.

You will start by contacting one of the CRH coordinators (info is below)

They will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to listen to what you need

They will continue to meet one-on-one with you for as long as you feel necessary, providing information and insight on the practices of the Catholic Church. During times when multiple people are looking for this kind of support, the coordinators may also arrange group support sessions. All encounters are usually structured like this:

1) Prayer,

2) Some time to share our personal stories and “check-in” with one another, 
3) Listen to input/reflection on a related topic or issue of faith, and

4) Discuss this as a group.

Along the way, CRH continues to assess individuals' needs and help identify and affirm the gifts, skills, and strengths we all bring to the faith community at large.

What is Expected of Me?

Every participant will be given a copy of the ‘Be’ Attitudes to help create a cohesive and hospitable atmosphere of faith sharing. Primarily, we just ask that participants be open, honest, and respectful.

Who to Contact:

Ready to reconnect with the practice of your faith? Please contact either of Assumption's CRH coordinators: 

Steve King 636-699-9961; or Dee King 636-734-3437  or email the parish officeIf you are going to be late or absent from a scheduled gathering, or if you have questions along the way,

When/Where/How Long?

CRH meets in Sophia House (on Assumption property). CRH is offered year-round and meetings vary, as they are arranged between individuals and the coordinators. There is no limit on how long individuals receive support as they renew their connection with the Catholic Church. We will walk with you as long as may be helpful. Participants may be encouraged to joining an Assumption Small Church Community to further their involvement in the community. They may also be connected with one of the scores of ministry opportunities Assumption has to offer. Overall, the goal is to help you find whatever supports may be beneficial to sustain your faith life.