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                       Luke 18 2020: March 20-22!

                      Stated as a high point of the year by 8th graders year-after-year.

                             You can only attend as an 8th Grader, so don't miss it!

It is led by High Schoolers and college-aged men and women, because they know what you like best!


8th Graders Click Here to Register

General Info PDF

Medications and Medical Aid Form (8th Grader Lukers)


High Schoolers Sign-Up here to be on the Luke 18 Team
(Disciples and Cori Team):

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                Don't miss out on the March for Life Pilgrimage! Open to 8th Graders and Above.


If you are interested please fill out this Google Form:

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We have kicked off our yearly major fundraiser for Assumption Youth Ministry! This fundraiser makes sure that we have the resources needed to serve the young people of our community, especailly by being able to give every teen of our parish the best opportunity to encounter Jesus and his Church!

Each date from January 1 thru December 31 is available unless it has been crossed out. January 1 is a $1 donation; January 2 is a $2 donation, etc, all the way up to December 31 which is a $366 donation. You can always give more than the date if you would like. We also want to pray for you and a special intention on that date this coming year. So you will have an opportunity in the "notes" section of the checkout to put in a special intention. Click the link directly beneath the calendar above to donate.

Thank you SO much for you support in your prayers and your generosity of treasure!



There are many ways you can help and these Life Night for our Teens don't happen without you!

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                     Thank you to all who made Assumption Luke 18 2019

                                   an encounter with the Heart of God!   

You can download this Slideshow Video here: Luke 18 2019 Video Download