Prayer Requests

We come from many different backgrounds, traditions, cultures, and belief systems, but we are all one family, united in the One Love of God.

What happens to one of us affects all of us.

Prayer is a powerful energy. As Christians, we do not equate prayer with magic. Prayer is an outward and an inward expression of faith. Prayer is a means of openning ourselves to God's Voice and opening our hearts to the presence of Christ in one another. We use prayer to focus our minds, to nourish our spirits, to surrender to God our doubts, fears, judgments, struggles, grief, confusion, contrition, and pain that they may be transformed into hope, joy, courage, forgiveness, comfort, and peace.

Prayer is simultaneously personal and communal. By remembering one another in prayer and contemplation, we grow closer as a community of faith, rooted in unconditional love.

Please join us in a prayer for all of the intentions listed here. If you have a joy or a struggle that you would like
to add to the list, use the Prayer Request form located to the right.


Requests are typicaly posted to this message board within 24 hours, once approved; thanks for your patience. Requests remain for a month.

In our faith tradition, Prayer is a means of self-awakening, communion with God, and a means to connect with all life around us, a means for strength, a means for faith. Prayer is not magic and we are challenged not to equate prayer with making wishes to a genie in a lamp. We appreciate that many would pray for a winning lottery ticket, or a favorable outcome for a sports team, but these requests will be redacted with the following language: "For a special intention"

Requests containing foul language, insults, requests to bring pain to others, and all other defamatoary, violent, or inappropriate content will not be allowed and may be forwarded onto proper authorities for follow up. 

Requests that contain detailed, sensitive information about someone other than the person submitting the request will be redacted into a more generalized request.

We ask that last names not be used, except in the case of a loved one's death 

We know this board is available  worldwide. We do allow requests in your native language, but these requests are subject to the same guidelines and will be reviewed for content. 

Join us in prayer for this month's requests:

  • Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor, for our relationship to grow stronger and better. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart. For our love to be better than ever, our relationship more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together. Pray for my neighbor's whole family for salvation and also draw us closer together to do things the right way. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in community. Pray for salvation for my family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around.

  • Kindly pray for me for the approval of my US Visa application that I may be able work in the US to help my family in their needs. I am worried right now for I have received a denial notice which we are sorting out right now. I strongly believe that by seeking to Our Lord Jesus, it will be resolved out in His mighty name. May God bless and guide you always. This all I ask in Jesus' Name. AMEN!

  • Please pray for my daughter Asmitha and spouse Abie (In NSw Australia), who are in a desperate situation. Please pray for their marriage. The problems they are facing are compounded by Asmitha's organization closing, leaving her without a job.

  • We just moved to Colorado from California. We lost everything but our lives in the Camp Fire. We are thankful to be alive, but we'd appreciate any prayers you could offer. We're trying to stay hopeful.May Jesus bless you for your prayers.

  • Please remember the people of Taylorville, IL trying to rebuild from the recent tornadoes. There is so much destruction.

  • Pray for Curtis, Mary, and Cody and Stephen. Pray that evil leaves my mind so I am delivered and set free with my spiritual gifts and peace and made whole. 
    blessings in Christ

  • For 19-year old Sam G. May God receive his soul into heaven, and may his family & friends be surrounded with comfort and support during this tragic time.

  • I need God to bless me with a wife and money.

  • Please pray for Eric M.Pray for his salvation. May the light of Christ shine in his heart; may the Love of God heal his soul. 
    Pray that this Christmas Eric will experience the joy of salvation and the joy of Christ. 
    May God's blessing find him and lift him up.May he have the "New Birth" with "New Life " in Christ. 
    The Greatest Gift is Salvation!!

  • Pray for Eric M -pray for his salvation and healing.

  • My father is 100 years old and is in hospice. Thanks.

  • Please pray for the soul of my Father who died in a house fire at his home recently.

  • For peace and religious unity.For the Pope and all Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the health of her son and parents. Thanksgiving.

  • Please pray for my husbands Uncle, who just had a very dangerous heart surgery and is in critical condition.

  • May those suffering from Hurricanes Florence and MIchael be surrounded by the support they need to heal and rebuild

  • For all the lives shattered by the limo crash in Schoharie, NY

  • Holy Lord Jesus bless cesar and joel, heal them from all illness and protect them from all evil. They are struggling financially. Help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Negative result in test and praying not life threatening result. Will now know results until Monday afternoon or Tuesday. If truly negative, the courage to accept result.

  • The people of Haiti have to endure another earthquake. Loving God, please bring them calm, resources, and healing.

  • I have a end of life illness (CHF) I can’t afford my Medicaid detuctble , I’ve searched everywhere for help . Please play for me

  • Please pray that the Catholic church grand me an annulment from my husband as soon as possible. The Catholic church informed me that there hundreds of annulment cases awaiting judgment and that my case comes after these hundreds of cases. I might have to wait for 5 or more years to receive the annulment. My fiancé and I prefer to marry in the church and have our marriage blessed by the Lord. So please pray that by some miracle the Catholic church will consider my case and grand me annulment of marriage. Thanks for praying.

  • Please pray for the soul of Hortencia Garcia Martinez, my mother in law, who passed away on 9/7/18. That she is at peace and in eternal glory with our Lord.

  • For the sanctification of Julie and Michael.

  • Our Father in Heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ, O Great Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy God, we give Thee thanks for answering all our prayers. May God bless Jason Allen Alexander and may God provide him a lot of graces for helping me. May God bless the Catholic priests, nuns, and prayer teams who prayed. Thanks for praying

  • Please pray for the salvation of soul of my father, Cecil, who died a few months ago. May God invite his soul to heavenly glory and eternal life. Thanks for praying. God bless.

  • For our Pope,who is being attacked by his own curia. For all the innocent children who have been abused by priests or any other trusted authority figure. For the conversion of every heart contemplating any kind of violence or evil. Let God's love reign and envelope our weary existence. 

  • Our Father in Heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ, O Great Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy God, we humbly pray to Thee to send Thy Great Holy Spirit to Jason Allen Alexander. We humbly pray to lift up his spirits, now and for eternity. Amen.

  • One Holy God, I pray to Thee answer my personal intentions. I plead to Thee to answer all my prayers. Amen.

  • prayers for sustainable transportation needs to and from work

  • I pray that our world ends the trafficking of people,especially remembering children caught in the hidden horror of sexually trade and pornography.

  • For those affected by the tragic bridge collapse in Italy.

  • For those suffering from droughts, fires, war, floods... please dear Jesus, help our world work together to solve its crises. Help us be one. Help us see beyond our own self-centered needs, desires, our self-pity, our fear, our arrogance. Please Jesus. You know us and our limitations. Help us to be better.

  • I pray to God for the intentions of Jason Allen Alexander who is my boyfriend. Amen.

  • Blessed Mother, please wrap your arms around anyone thinking about suicide. Lead them to the help they need. And help the rest of us be ready to listen when others are hurting.

  • For peace and religious unity. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the health of her son and parents. Thanksgiving.

  • Eternal Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Our Holy Trinity One Holy God, Kindly convert every clone torturer and murderer living in Washington DC, so that they become good Catholics. Amen.

  • For 27 year old Ransford and his tragic, suddent death after an aneurysm... God bless his family and friends with the comfort and peace they need.

  • Please pray for medical emergency for abused and injured clones, both human and animals. Thanks.

  • Jesus, bless Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, and their families. Protect them of all evil, all enemies, cure them of all illness, and help them prosper.

  • upcoming surgery and was put in hospital last night do to accident

  • Dear Lord Jesus, our Blessed Mother 
    we ask for forgiveness for all our sins. Have mercy on us and pets. We ask Holy Spirit to help us to prepare our legal case. We ask to win the case to STOP eviction on June 22, this Fri. we ask for impartial adjudicator to believe us. We ask for NO eviction, NO conditional order, NO more pesticide attacks, NO harassment, NO Review and NO appeal from landlord. We ask for divine protection and help. WE ask the specialists to acknowledge our medical conditions and grant us effective treatments. We ask for trust, faith, strength and Peace of God be with us. Through Jesus I ask. Amen

  • Please pray i may lose weight and get back to shape. Have been overweight for years, on medication. Please pray i also find a woman, i am 28 and have hardly had a relationship. Thank you.

  • Pray for healing and well being of a friend's 5 year old nephew recently diagnosed with cancer. Pray for the doctors and care takers for guidance in his treatment. Pray for his parents and family as they struggle with all of the stress and worry associated with their child's illness

  • I'd like to pray for all the people who joined the Catholic Church on Holy Saturday. May they be blessed in their new faith life and find a place of welcome among us.

  • Prayers of Thanksgiving that my sister's family arrived safely from North Carolina; thank you, Jesus.

  • For peace and religious unity. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. Thanksgiving for favours received

  • Please Pray that my engagement which is fixed for April 14th 2018 should become on the same date as planned and not get postponed . Please Pray that the Problems that are come in my relationship should be resolved between me and Hetal and we should love each other and understand each other like before and are engagement should become on April 14th 2018 this year itself

  • Oh my Jesus please bless my parents Luz & Miguel and keep them safe from all illness, enemies and evil. Assist them in all issues and necessities, personal and financial.

  • Please pray that I get a divorce from my abusive husband, from the Catholic Church as well as the Court as soon as possible because the Church as well as the Court are delaying my divorce for no real reason. Thanks for praying.

  • For my sister's fetus, who's being tested for Down's Syndrome

  • Pray for my dental surgery tomorrow

  • Please pray for my husband to get help with his depression and for him to return home. Please pray for marital healing and reconciliation.

  • The passing of June Cox on March 3, 2018. Mother of Norma Place and Grandmother of Greg Edwards great grandmother of Hannah and Lauren Edwards

  • My mother - Hazel Dietz, passed away yesterday. Please pray for her. Thank you

  • The passing of Tammy Belding on Fenruary 8, 2018. Wife to Steven Belding and mother to Scott, Tom and Amy. Grandmother to Emily, Cole, Adam, Ethan, Kaden and Carter

  • Please pray for Eric M. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul.

  • Holy Lord Jesus bless cesar and joel, heal them from all illness and protect them from all evil. They are struggling financially. Help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs. So be it in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  • For Fr Zac and the healing he needs

  • Our niece Kristy will be having brain surgery. Very serious she is 38 and 3 small children.

  • Pray for me as I go through a difficult transition. 

  • Please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel , Joseph, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa , Lupe, Pepe, Janet, their families, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. Pray for their health to get better. Pray for protection from all evil, and all enemies, and for prosperity.

  • Please pray for me as my career is in stake and people are sending off staff from the company , there so much of instability issues here , please pray i get a very good job offer soon , i have also applied for many jobs pls pray a miracle happens for this , also pray that i get more closer to god and my faith is stronger and i live gods word, please pray for my marriage to happen and i find a good partner , also pray for my mothers good health

  • pray for the deceased Robert Moritz Jr. ,brother of Carol Phillips of our parish

  • My Friend in hospice care & her family who has battled cancer for 3yrs & needs prayers of Love & Hope!

  • For a former friend, that she gets the help she needs to stop acting out and hurting other people

  • Prayers needed for complete healing without any complications. I fell and broke my hip on Nove 12th. The hip was repaired - not replaced. It is not healing well and not may have to be replaced.

  • I'm in immense danger I need help

  • For Jim & Diane, for the love and healing they need

  • Please pray for me to have financial miracles

  • Mrs. Marilyn Q is suffering from brain cancer and ask for your help support to recover from this deadly disorder. Please include her and her family in your prayers. Sra. Ines C died days ago and may you also include her in your prayers. Eternal Happiness, Eternal Life and Eternal Rest may you grant unto her, My Lord and My God. And may The Perpetual Light, Perpetual Bliss and Perpetual Joy shine upon her. May she rest in peace, faith, hope and love of The Lord Jesus Christ in unity with The Most Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen

  • I pray to God for the intentions of Jason Allen Alexander who is my boyfriend. Amen.

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