Assumption: Online Homilies


As of March 24, 2016, we will begin live-streaming our 10am Sunday Mass and other special liturgical events/faith presentations on our new live stream channel with CityLink. These presentations are archived within 20 minutes of concluding. 

Assumption Live Streamed Masses
and Archives

To listen to a homily, simply click on the button above, and on the right side of the screen you
will see the Archive of liturgical events. Click on a link and either watch the entire
event or fast forward to the specific part you want to hear.

Assumption has worked tirelessly to find the best outlets for our media. In 2006, we began publishing homilies and various other talks on our YouTube channel:

CLICK HERE to browse our
YouTube Archive of Homilies
and Talks

Around 2012, we changed over to a channel on Vimeo:

Click the Vimeo button for an archive of the weekend preaching of our clergy, after 2012.