Burial at Assumption

If you would like to know more about being buried in our cemetery or would like to discuss options for your funeral/memorial Mass, contact Peggy Brewer at 636.240.3721, ext 221 in the parish office. We would be privileged to lead you through all of those sacred, final arrangements.

New Life

"See? I am making all things New..." - Revelation 21:5 

We are all connected to one another. From the moment of our conception, we are ignited 

with a share in the Light of God’s Life. Through Baptism, that life is made new as we are marked as members of Christ’s own Body. In death, we believe that life is changed, not ended. In fact, we believe in life beyond this life… that our life in Christ’s love lasts forever.

As Christians, we are committed to supporting one another in our faith journeys. We welcome the new life that comes into our faith community through Baptism, and we travel with one another in faith through the mystery of dying and death, with unstoppable hope in the New Life of Resurrection.

This is why the grand Paschal candle, which greets us at the doors of church, is lit at each baptism and funeral… because by faith, we are a people born to rise. Let’s continue to pray for each other, and in a special way be mindful of parents choosing to raise their children in the faith and families grieving the loss of a loved one.

"But now, the God Who created you says to you:
'Do not be afraid. 
I have saved you; I have called you by name: you are Mine.'"

-Isaiah 43:1

Funeral/Memorial Stipends 
Visitation / Mass / Burial

Use of Church $ 125 cash/check to Assumption church
Priest $  50 cash/check to priest
Pianist $ 100 cash/check to musician
Vocalist $ 100 cash/check to singer
Altar Servers $15 x 3 cash, 3 servers at each Mass
Live-stream $ 50 Cash/Check to tech or to Assumption Parish

Please check with your funeral home/mortuyary. Often, for families working through a funeral home,
these stipends are customarily already included in the amount paid to the funeral home.
The funeral home then prepares checks/cash and takes care of
delivering these stipends on the day of service.

After Funeral Luncheon

The luncheon is only available when the deceased is a registered parishioner. We thankfully welcome donations to offset the supplies and cost of meat. The customary donation for a funeral luncheon is $5.00 per person, but any amount is a welcome gift.  Check payable to Assumption Church.


Columbarium Niche 10.5x10.5x10.5 (holds 2 urns)         $2,500

All interments must have a concrete vault. All payments are due prior to burial. Extra fees apply to weekend/after-hours interments and when interring an urn in an existing plot.
Check payable to Assumption Church.

No family will be denied the opportunity to celebrate a Funeral or Memorial Mass due to an inability to pay. In moments of death and burial, our singular concern is providing care for the bereaved and brokenhearted. Please contact our office if you would like to discuss options of
financial assistance with the above listed costs.