As a people of faith, we have a fundamental need or urge to give to others. It's a unique part of our spiritual anthropology and identity. Sharing what we have is an expression of our free will, our prayer, our willingness to sacrifice out of our trust in God's goodness. Freely investing our Treasure in the life of the community is one facet of our Stewardship.

In solidarity with our parish mission, “May you find Christ here... May you bring Christ to the world” we unite in the hope of our vision statement:

We each give financially as God asks of us: for the physical and 
spiritual needs of all who would ever come here; for the needs
of those who suffer, and for our own spiritual well-being and growth.

Building on the faith and investment of all who have gone before us, we are responsible for the investment we make in the faith life of the community now and for generations to come. We participate financially in this vision through our weekly tithe offering, through special appeals and capital campaigns, through the Annual Catholic Appeal, and through fun community events, such as our Parish Fall Festival each October.

Moved with thankfulness for the blessings in our lives, we give of our treasure, in faith, trusting that it will help the reign of God and Christ's gospel of love to spread into the lives of others.

Anyone can contribute at anytime, and we can even sign up to give our contributions online. Just go to the "Online Giving" page!