Assumption Stewardship

Prayer * Participation * Generosity 

We are Called to be Good Stewards

Our faith teaches us that our relationships and the time we give to building them up are the true treasure in life.

The spirit of Stewardship becomes an extension of our life in Christ, the power and fortitude to build up the Church.

Stewardship offers us a freedom from our own desires. It is a choice to value and celebrate what we have, rather than lament what we lack.

Stewardship is our willingness to share our wealth of resources for the good of all. As members of the Body of Christ, we have an urge to give, to share, to connect, to do our part and stewardship gives us the opportunity to satisfy that deep need.

Our Hearts set Free 

Try to grasp a handful of sand. The tighter you grasp, the more sand will slip through your hand. But, if with open hands, we can hold sand securely. Holding with openness and sharing what we treasure takes tremendous trust but is also necessary for us to experience the full freedom of faith. Investing in ongoing development of the house and community of faith will undoubtedly mean having to make choices about what we value most in life. 

Stewardship offers us a chance to practice qualities that we see in Christ: selflessness, patience, service, hope, kindness, unconditional love, self-sacrifice. This does not mean the road will be easy, but the journey of faith promises to change our lives. Paving the road to heaven begins when we freely choose to open our hearts to God’s Love and seek to discover the ways of serving God’s people.

We don’t give and share because of who those around are… we give and we share because of who we are. All that we have, we owe to the mystery of God’s generosity. God has entrusted all the true treasure and goodness of heaven to our care. We are stewards of God’s wealth, which has been woven into our own time, talents, and treasure. How will we spend so extravagant a fortune as this? 

At Assumption, everyone is welcome! But stewardship does more than just welcome our participation - it INVITES us! Stewardship invites our specific resources and abilities. It gives us a place and a purpose. As we continue to build the Church through this parish, we are encouraged to respond to our invitation and to invite others to join us! Inviting newcomers into the life and activities of our community is the responsibility and calling of all who would come here. God’s Spirit of hospitality has been given to us, that we might share it with others. We make the very love of Christ known through our invitation so that all who come here may find Christ... and feel compelled to bring Christ to the world!

Visit our "Ministry & Outreach" pages to explore how God may be inviting you to share YOUR unique GIFTS!

We continue to build the Church today as we: pray, participate and make a sacrificial financial offering.